Academic programs

To make the public and the medical personnel aware of palliative care, we have continuous academic programs.
  1. Training of staffs of Hospice
  2. Lectures and Training of nurses and doctors in various hospitals
  3. Lectures to various Social organizations, eg. Rotary clubs, Rotaract clubs
  4. Presentations in conferences, seminars, CMEs


  1. Various researches on Palliative care


  1. Various articles in various prominent papers/magazines in Nepal

International journals: Informing patients about cancer in Nepal: what do people prefer? Rajesh Gongal, Pradeep Vaidya, Rajshree Jha, Om Rajbhandary, Max Watson. Palliative Medicine 2006:20:471 - 476


  • Neglected branch of medicine: a hospice experience. 20th All Nepal Medical Conference. 28 Feb. 3 March, 2001, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Management of terminally ill patients. Scientific program of T. U. Institute of Medicine. 19 July. 2002, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Morphine in total pain management of hospice patients. IV National Conference of Society of Surgeons of Nepal. 6-8 November, 2003, Dharan, Nepal

  • Hospice Nepal. Workshop on Improving Cancer Care in Nepal through International Collaboration, INCTR/NNCTR Nepal, 9th Jan. 2005, Kathmandu, Nepal

  • A Community Hospice Service. Workshop on Palliative Care, 6th Annual INNCTR Conference, Chennai, India, 10 to 13th December, 2005

Palliative care courses

  • Princes Alice Palliative Center, Patan Hospital and Hospice Nepal
  • First National Palliative Course, Patan Hospital and Hospice Nepal
  • Princes Alice Palliative Center, Patan Hospital and Hospice Nepal
  • Second National Palliative Course, Patan Hospital and Hospice Nepal

Palliative care courses

Although Palliative care centers like Hospice Nepal is an important part of the delivery of palliative care, it is quite obvious that only such centers cannot provide for the large numbers of cancer patients. Most of the patients will be seen by doctors who have little or no knowledge about how to provide good palliative care. To address this problem, we have started providing short courses in Palliative care

For the first time, we were fortunate to have the help from Dr. Max Watson, a Palliative care consultant in UK, who had developed a Certificate course in Palliative care. He conducted the first course in Palliative care in Nepal in March 2005 which was a great success. Based on this course, Hospice Nepal and Patan Hospital, jointly developed a two day course which was more contextualized for Nepal, and successfully ran this course in November 2005. A handbook has also been published.

Following this, two more such courses have been organized so far. More courses are planned for the future. There is now a great interest in these courses. The feedbacks from the participants are very encouraging.

The First Pallative Care Conference

The First Pallative Care Conference was successfully conducted by Hospice Nepal on 19th Feb 2009. All most all the hospices in Nepal and most of the pallatice care workers participated.




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