We are indebted to the following sponsors and donors without whose help it would not have been possible to get Hospice off the ground. It is not only their financial support that we are grateful for but also for their moral support and advises.

In chronological order:

We are grateful to the Management of H. M. Hospital, Maharajgunj for letting us start the Hospice service. We should not miss to thank the Staff of that particular hospital who was always very helpful.

We are also thankful to the many people who helped us start the Hospice. One unique donation which we must thank for was made by Mr. Prakash Chandwadkar. He donated 108 beautiful paintings all for free. We did an Exhibition and the money raised was used in Hospice. We really appreciate his effort and his great generosity. In this context, we must also thank Balmandir and the NAFA for letting us organize the painting exhibition for free. Thanks also goes to the Kathmmandu Guest House, especially Sunil and Rajan Shakya for providing refreshment at the exhibition inauguration.

The present Hospice is built on the land leased by Mr. Dhruba Raut (a social worker and Chairman of the Lalitpur branch of Nepal Cancer Society). Without him, we would not be here and so our deepest thanks to him and his family.

Next, the beautiful home-like atmosphere was designed for free by Mr. Rajesh Shrestha of Vastukala Architects. In fact, we are grateful to him for designing our future 25 bedded Hospice building. This design was brought into reality free of cost by the CE Construction Company and special thanks goes to Mr. Om Rajbhandari and the Directors of the Company for their generous contribution.

Recently, International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research donated money to Hospice Nepal to buy a Maruti Van to run the Community Hospice Nepal - palliative service to community. This has helped to make our community service a reality and has already helped lots of people.

Our special appreciation also goes to another NGO, Sagarmatha Health Foundation for providing two meals/day for the very poor and needy patients and their families. Similarly, we would like to thank Health Net Nepal for hosting our web site and upgrading it for free.

Most of the things in Hospice Nepal are donated by one person or the other. Some donated financially, some bought us goods required, others helped by offering free service. The list is very long and we have tried not to forget anybody. If we have by mistake, it is only in this screen because the hospice family will always remain indebted to all who have helped. The list follows and as it grows daily, we will try to upgrade it periodically.

Long term donors

One person we cannot thank enough is Mr. Sita Ram Pant of TNT International Courier. He has not only donated Rs 2,00,000.00 personally but he has donated Rs. 5.00 from all the parcels sent out by TNT International Courier from Jan. 1st 2003. Our heartfelt thanks also goes to Rotary Club of Kantipur for adding a good amount to the TNT offer.

Dr. Sunder Mani Dixit has also kindly donated Rs. 100,000.00 and has promised to donate Rs. 25,000 every year for four years.

The Hospice Nepal family sincerely thanks those who have donated, became members, or fulfilled our Wish List. We are also thankful to Dr. Angel for looking after the web development and its maintenance.
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