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Hospice Helpline

We have started a Hospice Helpline for patients and their relatives or anybody with queries about hospice care. They could either call or e-mail us from this web-page. As Hospice is not an urgent business, our staff will note the question and we will try to answer as soon as possible.

Community Hospice Nepal (CohoN)

The best place for Hospice care is at home. With this in mind, we have started community hospice service.When the patient is better and can be taken home or wants to be treated at his/her home, but needs Hospice care, then we can arrange to send our staff to help with medication, explanation to the patient's home.

We request donations of Rs. 1000/- (max of five visits) from those who can pay. For the very poor, after a signed declaration that they can not pay due to their poor financial situation; on condition, we will provide free visits. The dressing and other procedure will be charged according to the price list. We provide this service in and around the ring road. If or when the patient requires admission, he/she can get admitted to hospice and return home when the patient feels better or when the patient's relative feel they can take care of the patient at home. For this purpose, if possible, we can also provide transportation on condition that our staffs are free. The cost of the van will be Rs. 300/- per trip regardless of the distance, within the ring road.

There is no emergency community service. So, if patients have sudden difficulty, it is recommended to bring them to Hospice Nepal for further treatment. The money earned from Community Hospice Service will be used to maintain, manage and to improve this very important service, and also to try to make it sustainable.

Details for patient admission

It should be understood by the patient and their family, that all their trouble will not disappear once he/she gets admitted to Hospice. The hospice is run mainly by the nursing staff, as it should be, and they will teach and help you take care of your patient. The team of the doctor and the nursing staff will decide and plan pain or other medication, which is carried out by the nursing staff. If required, they may call the doctor to consult and change medication. A doctor is not necessary in the premise and will be called only when the nursing staff deems it necessary. Even if the doctor is not there physically, he will be in constant touch with the staff for consultation.

Patients eligible for this service

All patients, who have been diagnosed of having advanced or disseminated cancer and requiring Palliative Care in the form of pain management, management of difficulty in breathing, etc. Patients referred from the hospitals will be given priority. The referring doctor must contact Hospice Nepal and give full details. It will be the right of Hospice Nepal whether or not to accept the patient.

There must be one person responsible for the patient at all times with the patient. Patients with no responsible person will not be accepted. The patient party will be required to deposit Rs. 1000.00 at the time of admission, which will be refunded at the time of discharge. This is to ensure that this service do not become a 'dumping' site.

Patients will be required to buy all medicine except for very poor patients who cannot afford to do so. Patient will have to pay for investigations, if any are required.

The patient and their families must provide food for themselves. Very poor and needy patient or their party may be provided food for free if necessary. Our policy is that no patient is turned back from Hospice Nepal because of lack of money.





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