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H2H (Heart to Help)

All one needs is a heart to help and one can find many ways to help. It is not only about time and money, it is the little appreciation for good things done, a smile and a thank you to our staff and volunteers, who work so hard, a patient ear to the suffering, a hand to the hurting. It is the little things in life that can make so much difference to so many people.

We also sincerely assure you that all you donate will go to Hospice Nepal. One can donate any amount of money to the Hospice or the Trust. Similarly, one can donate goods required by Hospice Nepal. You or your company can also help by paying one month's staff salary per month for three years.

As one donor did, you can also set aside some amount from goods sold or service provided or from your own salary to donate to the good cause of Hospice Nepal.

Society for Promotion of Hospice care (Sopho)

You can help Hospice Nepal yearly but with very little strain to your wallet by being a member of Sopho. You only pay Rs. 2500 per year. The membership is basically a donation to help run the Hospice. Beside our sincere assurance that your money will go to Hospice Nepal, it will also entitle you with a membership to a family dedicated to helping hospice patients. We will regularly be running workshop, awareness program and you will be invited to join and help. We will also be bringing out a newsletter, which will be sent to you and you can give your suggestion or comments.

Beside monetary help, you can visit the Hospice and help the patients and their relatives by listening, entertaining or by just being there.

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